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Advertise Your Used Mobility Equipment On Our Website


How much does it cost?

Prices include VAT 

Items under £100.00 – first four weeks £5.00 then £2.50 for each re-listing of a further four weeks. One photo per listing.

Items up to £500.00 – first four weeks £10.00 then £5.00 for each re-listing of a further four weeks. Two photos per listing.

Items over £500.00 - first four weeks £25.00 then £12.50 for each re-listing of a further four weeks. Three photos per listing. 

Adapted Cars Owned by You - £50.00 first four weeks then £25.00 for each re-listing for a further four weeks. Six photos per listing allowed for cars only. 

What can I advertise?

You can advertise anything to do with mobility or disability. For example, electric beds, wheelchairs, rollators, scooters, rise recline chairs, stairlifts and so on. 

Why advertise with us?

In response to frequent requests from our customers looking to buy and sell used mobility equipment, we have introduced a service for you to advertise on our website. Our site attracts over 6,000 views per month from local people looking to buy equipment. Please note we do not accept adverts from traders. 

How does it work?

Your item will be placed on our site as a ‘private advert’ on our classifieds page and the listing works in the same way as a newspaper advert. Simply email us one or more clear photographs (depending on the item)  with a brief description and a way that people can contact you – email is probably best. Get an anonymous email via Gmail or Yahoo that does not identify you. Your advert will remain on our site for four weeks for the initial advertising fee.  The sales contract is between you and the buyer only. Tulip Mobility does not handle transactions or organise contact. We do not write descriptions or take photos - these are your responsibility. Your words will appear on our site exactly as you provide them.

If your item sells within four weeks, let us know and we will remove the advert. This will prevent people from contacting you about the item when it is no longer available. If you would like to re-list your item after the initial period, let us know and we will let it run for a further four weeks at  half price. You can do this as many times as you like. We do not ask for commission on the sale like Ebay does and the advert runs for longer than a traditional newspaper advert. Unless you advise us otherwise, your listing will be removed at the end of the four week period.

Your item will be listed on a dedicated 'Classifieds' page and will be seen by people looking specifically for items like yours. 

Advert - Photograph and Description

Please ATTACH a clear photo or photos of your item to your email. Do not include your photo in the body of your email.Your photograph must be of the item you are selling (not taken from a website) and show its current condition. You are responsible for ensuring that your description of your item is truthful and accurate. Your written description will be placed on the site exactly as it is sent, so please make sure to include all the details about the item you want people to know about. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the regulations surrounding advertising used goods and be aware of how to sell safely. There are some tips on our website and many other websites have advice for buyers and sellers of used goods. Please include a telephone number with your email so we can contact you if necessary. We will contact you for payment by email once we have approved your advert. You will be given a code to include in your communications with us and to identify your payment. Please include this code when paying. Please email your photo/s and advert to:



How to Pay

You can pay us by Paypal, cash, visa, credit card, cheque, bank transfer, online, over the phone or at our retail shop. We do not accept American Express. Your advert will be inserted when payment has cleared. We take no further fees without your instruction and each re-listing has to be authorised and paid for by you before it is uploaded. Please note all fees are non-refundable.